About Us

Nlottery was launched by Vana (The Victorian Newsagent’s Association) to answer the demand from our member base.

Vana has been proudly servicing the newsagent and lotteries industry for 140 years and has enormous scope for delivering beneficial outcomes for our member base.
Along with lottery agents who have asked us to provide a fully integrated service, that not only delivers industrial relations solutions, leasing solutions and a multitude of member discounts and services such as our current partnership with Nissan Australia, Insurance discounts, mediation services and lots more, but also the opportunity to provide value-added commercial services to the members.

There is a distinct need for a viable, financially stable and commercially astute team to focus on the membership needs of Lottery Agents and the lottery industry from a holistic perspective.

Currently, our members enjoy commercial services such as Nparcel which deliver outstanding commercial activity by putting money directly back into the retailer’s pocket. This is an industry owned and operated e-commerce solution for our industry with an incredible growth rate.

At VANA / Nlottery we have always looked to increase the viability and sustainability of all our members and the industry with whatever we do. We ensure that our members are at the heart of all initiatives we undertake.

Every outcome has to add value to your bottom line and ensure the viability of the channel as a whole.

Together with VANA’s expertise in Industrial Relations, Government Lobbying, Marketing Programs, Policy Advocacy, and Commercial Initiatives, that ensures our members are serviced professionally and with the member’s financial viability in mind, Nlottery is well positioned to add significant value to your business.

With a suite of commercial opportunities that are available to our members, your membership fees can be offset with additional income. The introduction of NLottery gives you the opportunity to take your business to the next level.

Also with our ACCC accreditation, we are able to engage Government to help protect your valuable investment now and into the future.